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DCT Trivia: Have you spotted the Green Chair?

October 12, 2012

If you’ve engaged in the baseball season this fall in Toronto – either in watching televised games or getting the full experience at the stadium – you may have spotted the green chairs; they are the seemingly comfortable and inviting green leather arm chairs that are the focal point of the Comfort Zone at Rogers Centre.

And, even if you’re not an avid Blue Jays fan, or baseball fan at all for that matter, you still might have seen these chairs in one of TD Canada’s commercials from the “Banking can be this comfortable” campaign. Like this commercial for instance:


The reason we’re excited to share with you this bit of trivia, is that this chair is actually upholstered with leather distributed by DCT Leathers! With the durability and rich color of this Scottish leather, this shade (one of over 140 colors in our stock) was the perfect choice for these statement chairs. So next time you visit the stadium or see an ad, you’ll know that they’re not only the “TD green chairs,” you’ll recognize that they’re the chairs made of Andrew Muirhead leather in Leaf Green, distributed by DCT Leathers in Toronto.

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