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Quality = Durability, Not Simply Look

October 8, 2012

As we discussed in our last blog, the “value” of a restored or refurbished antique is in the eye of the beholder. At DCT Leathers, we’re excited to see that more and more people are placing a higher value on recycling furniture. Since to “reclaim, reuse, and/or refurbish” is on an upward trend in home remodeling, we thought it was a good opportunity to touch on the manifold nature of “quality”. In the case of quality “used” items, there’s the durability issue; whether they can withstand “upcycling”.  Whether you’re choosing to purchase used items based on nostalgia, environmental responsibility, or style, there is a lot to be said for choosing your items based on this criterion.

Green Leather Desk

As a distributor of full-grain European leathers, we get to see our customers create their preferred look on vintage furniture or even automobiles without sacrificing highest quality. Whether it’s one of our customers refurbishing antique cars, or a NY Times best-selling author purchasing his preferred leather desktop, we provide people with the opportunity to update the things they cherish while implementing their preferences and preserving the integrity of the original item. While the value is often apparent in the style, materials, workmanship, etc., the durability that comes with a high-quality item allows you to keep the core structure and modify any corresponding elements, thus creating a piece you take pride in. Check out the beautiful green leather desk on the right that we worked to restore.

While reasons for reusing abound, one thing is clear: the reuse trend is not based solely on cost savings. We see it – and so does the market – as embracing quality and durability and having an appreciation for your belongings. Needless to say, it is satisfying for us to be a part of this process.


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