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Andrew Muirhead: Probably the “Greenest” Tannery on Earth

September 5, 2012

At DCT Leathers, we proudly represent Andrew Muirhead & Son since 1989 on account of its exceptional standards, its broad color palette and its visibly high quality, among other attributes. But one of the reasons we are most proud to be affiliated with the Muirhead tannery is on account of its commitment to the environment and its related technological advancements. Andrew Muirhead Fine Scottish Leather, together with 3 other manufacturing subsidiaries and a technology company, form the Scottish Leather Group, Ltd. This group is the largest leather manufacturer in the UK, having over 490 years of experience collectively in the field – and has exceeded all expectations in setting its vision for a green tannery.

The group produces low carbon leather with ZERO waste. This is huge, because leather production is typically VERY wasteful; the majority of the raw hide gets wasted, often around 80%. But Andrew Muirhead & Son and his colleagues have created a self-sustaining tannery that reuses materials which would otherwise go to waste. The project was underway in 2010, is now fully functioning and is expected to be complete in 2015.

By establishing a thermal energy plant to power their operation, they have created a “closed loop” of producing leather, converting solid and liquid leftovers into usable resources for keeping the plant functioning, and for re-fueling the leather-making process. It is somewhat mind-blowing that this self-funded, innovative venture uses local resources, converts liquid waste into clean water, and takes solid waste into electric energy: it’s the most revolutionary tannery of its kind in the world.

See for yourself. Check out this video to see how 100% of waste is recycled: 

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