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Winter Leather Trends

December 10, 2012

Each winter season, we all see leather as a staple material across men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Whether chosen for its warmth, its look, or its durability, leather products abound this time of year. If you so choose, you can now even get specialized Leather Touchscreen Gloves to ensure your hands can be warm while texting! From leather, heated car seats to leather jackets, we associate leather with keeping us warm and stylish during the colder months. It’s no wonder then that leather is on the minds of consumers when they’re looking to improve or purchase furniture.

While leather is a hot topic year round at DCT Leathers, we certainly do get an increased number of clients asking us about reupholstering their furniture with one our 140 genuine, handcrafted colors in the winter months. The hesitation or question is rarely about the choice of material; instead, clients want to be assured that it’s the right decision to re-upholster versus buy new. Even though there’s not a clear cut answer or formula to decide, in our experience, today’s new just isn’t going to be comparable to the old.

So if you’re thinking about replacing that old couch, think about its age. If it’s been around for 40 years, yes it might need some new leather material and cosmetic updates, but there’s also a reason it’s been around that long! The materials, processes, and structures have changed. Depending on the age, original manufacturer, and components your tired couch might be the perfect candidate for our leather upholstery hides. Check out our past blogs for more discussion of antique restoration and quality and durability! And, if in doubt, your upholster will give the thumbs up to go for it or not, and you might just end up with an heirloom to be enjoyed for the next 40 years!

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