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A Perfect Product Deserves a Perfect Supply Chain

August 21, 2012

It is startling to realize how a large, strategically placed air hub can suddenly impact a city. Before FedEx set up its headquarters in Memphis, TN, the city was a fading patchwork of American memorabilia, its glory years of cotton trading and Graceland far behind. The same went for the even sleepier city of Louisville, KY. It was a town of rusting industries, half of them off-shored and/or gutted, the other half on the perpetual verge of collapse. Then, all of a sudden, UPS turned Louisville into its main aero-hub, and businesses began establishing their presence at a fast, furious, almost Asian-level of construction. What was the reason FedEx and UPS chose these two cities? Because the space was available for airport expansion, and because their relatively “central” locations put them within easy flying distance of most North American cities.

Because of companies like UPS and FedEx, overnight deliveries have become the standard metric for distribution. People expect their goods, especially their luxury goods, to be transported personally to their doorstep in a brief amount of time. And why shouldn’t they? When we at DCT Leathers started our own 800 toll-free call service way back when, it was that same attentiveness to what people wanted specifically when they wanted it that we wanted to focus on. We wanted to reduce the time it took for people to receive their luxury goods by providing personalized, non-automated customer service. We wanted to reduce to a bare minimum the time and effort it took for a customer to order their customized leather hide as well as receive it.

That’s another reason why we at DCT Leathers make it a point to ship our hides in bulk via Buffalo, NY – then on to FedEx’s hub in Memphis – then out to anywhere within North America. The whole concept of a seamless supply chain is attractive for everybody. Promptness brings prosperity. Just ask FedEx. Just ask DCT Leathers.

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