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Our Work in the Auto Leather Industry

March 28, 2012

DCT Leathers has been in partnership with Andrew Muirhead of Scotland for many years now, helping supply Muirhead leathers to a variety of different customer bases throughout Canada and the United States. One of the unflagging staples of our business with Andrew Muirhead has been in the field of providing custom leather hides for the refurbishing of automobile interiors. Just so we’re clear what we mean when we say “automobile interiors,” DCT Leathers isn’t especially in the business of supplying mass-produced hides to the “Big Three” auto manufacturers, or any such companies. Rather, we are in the business of helping individual automobile owners restore and/or retrofit the interiors of their cars so that a high degree of comfort and customized satisfaction is attained.

One of the things that sets Andrew Muirhead automotive leather apart from similar, high-end competitors is its available color palette. Andrew Muirhead offers its customers its signature “Library of Leather” card,  with over 125 different color swatches representing the hides in stock ready for immediate delivery. Interior of Retro CarAll of the hides in stock can be embossed or perforated if need be. For someone anxious to get going with refurbishing his or her car’s interior (since almost never do individuals have the levels of spare-time and mechanical wherewithal that, say, a mid-sized automaker would) , these readymade coloration schemes can be a real time-saver. All they have to do is order a single hide (or series of hides) with a pre-selected color, and the hide can be shipped to his or her location in no time at all. That way, Andrew Muirhead maintains a high standard for individual quality in its leather, but is also able to meet the fast-paced expectations of today’s clientele.

For more about Andrew Muirhead leather, consult DCT’s website and have a look yourself at some of their quality handiwork.

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